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  NAS   AU: Trauma anaesthesia  
Time Agenda Speaker Agenda Speaker
0730-0815 Registration
0815-0900 Plenary 1: Neuroanaesthesia (Moderator: Laila Ab Mukmin)
Enhancing excellence: A futuristic look at quality improvement in neuroanaesthesia
Deepak Sharma  
0900-0945 Plenary 2: Trauma anaesthesia (Moderator: Ng Tze Ling)
Challenges and controversies in trauma anaesthesia and resuscitation
John Moloney
0945-1000 Opening ceremony
Doa recital   Welcome addresses
  Yusopian Yusop Teo Shu Ching
Deepak Sharma
1000-1030 Coffee break & exhibition viewing  
  Symposium 1: Neuroanaesthesia Moderator: Ray Joshua Ryan Symposium 2: Trauma anaesthesia Moderator: Lucas Law
1030-1055 Lecture 1.1:
Acute brain injury and multi-organ cross talks
Imaan Abdul Rahim Lecture 2.1:
New concepts in damage control resuscitation
Benn Lancman
1055-1120 Lecture 1.2:
Dialysis for the injured brain patient
Clare Tan Lecture 2.2:
Traumatic crush syndrome
Cheah Siew Lean
1120-1145 Lecture 1.3:
Perioperative seizures in neurosurgical patients
Deepak Sharma Lecture 2.3:
Management of refractory haemorrhagic shock and coagulopathy in trauma
John Moloney
1145-1200 Q&A   Q&A  
1200-1245 Lunch Symposium 1 by MSD (Moderator: Ray Joshua Ryan)
Major updates in Neuromuscular Blockage Guidelines- ESAIC Guidelines 2022 and ASA Guidelines 2023
Teo Shu Ching Lunch Symposium 2 by Straits Scientific (Moderator: Zarina Abu Kasim)
Bleeding patient in operation theatre: role of viscoelastic point of care test
Mohd Fitry Zainal Abidin
1245-1400 Lunch & exhibition viewing
  Symposium 3: Neuroanaesthesia Moderator: Jeyaganesh Veerakumaran Symposium 4: Trauma anaesthesia Moderator: Hayatul Akma Bolhan
1400-1425 Lecture 3.1:
Frailty in neurosurgical patients
Audrey Tan Lecture 4.1:
Thoracic trauma
Mohd Fitry Zainal Abidin
1425-1450 Lecture 3.2:
Neuroanaesthesia for pregnant patient
Jeffrey Pasternak Lecture 4.2:
Management of traumatised airway
Mohd Fahmi Lukman
1450-1515 Lecture 3.3:
Anaesthesia for craniofacial surgery
Nahemah Hasanaly Lecture 4.3:
The mass disaster: the role of anaesthesiologist
Mohamad Hasyizan Hassan
1515-1530 Q&A   Q&A  
1530-1600 Coffee break & exhibition viewing
  Symposium 5: Neuroanaesthesia Moderator: Imaan Abdul Rahim Symposium 6: Neurotrauma Moderator: Cheah Siew Lean
1600-1625 Lecture 5.1:
Management of complications during awake craniotomy
Masahiko Kawaguchi Lecture 6.1:
Polytrauma in traumatic brain injury
Kwek Tong Kiat
1625-1650 Lecture 5.2:
Rupture of cerebral aneurysm in operating room
John Bebawy Lecture 6.2:
Concussion and anaesthesia
Jeffrey Pasternak
1650-1700 Q&A   Q&A  
1700 End of Day 1      
1930-2130 Faculty dinner and official launching of the Malaysian Society of Neuroanaesthesiology and Neurocritical Care (by invitation only)

SUNDAY, 09 JULY 2022

  NAS   AU: Geriatric anaesthesia  
Time Agenda Speaker Agenda Speaker
0830-0915 Plenary 3: Geriatric anaesthesia (Moderator: Lucas Law)
Preparing for the greying tsunami: perioperative brain health in 2020s
Tanuja Shah
0915-1000 Plenary 4: Neuroanaesthesia (Moderator: Teo Shu Ching)
Paediatric neuroanesthesia: Time for a new subspecialty!
Girija Prasad Rath
1000-1030 Coffee break & exhibition viewing
  Symposium 7: SNACC Panel
‘Crises in Neuroanaesthesia’
Moderator: Wan Aizat binti Wan Zakaria; Zettie Akhtar Shuib Symposium 8: Geriatric anaesthesia Moderator: Zarina Abu Kasim
1030-1045 Crisis management overview – Checklists, cognitive aids and team management John Bebawy Lecture 8.1 (1030-1100):
Prehabilitation for the older surgical patient: exercise, cognition and nutrition
Tiong Ing Kieng
1045-1100 Cardiac arrest in the prone position during spine surgery Geraldine Jose Lecture 8.2 (1100-1130):
Postoperative delirium and cognitive dysfunction in
elderly: current evidence and practices to minimise damage
Tanuja Shah
1100-1115 Loss of evoked potential signals Masahiko Kawaguchi Lecture 8.3 (1130-1200):
Frailty and critical illness
Rafidah Atan
1115-1130 Venous air embolism Audrey Tan
1130-1145 Malignant intracranial hypertension Jeffrey Pasternak
1145-1215 Q&A/ Open Forum   Q&A (1200-1215)  
1215-1245 Lunch Symposium 3
To be confirmed
  Lunch Symposium 4
To be confirmed
1245-1400 Lunch & exhibition viewing
  Symposium 9: Neuroanaesthesia Moderator: Tan Wei Keang Symposium 10: Geriatric anaesthesia Moderator: Yeap Boon Tat
1400-1425 Lecture 9.1:
Regional anaesthesia in neurosurgery
Audrey Tan Lecture 10.1: Multidisciplinary management of geriatric hip fractures: challenges and opportunities Ling Jia Nee
1425-1450 Lecture 9.2:
Use of tranexamic acid in neurosurgery: effective and safe?
Nazhan Afeef Mohd Ariff@Ghazali Lecture 10.2:
The aftermath of emergency laparotomy in the older patients
Tanuja Shah
1450-1515 Lecture 9.3:
Crisis management during interventional neuroradiology
John Bebawy Lecture 10.2:
The elderly in ICU: shared decision making and goals of care
Rafidah Atan
1515-1530 Q&A   Q&A  
1530-1600 Coffee break & exhibition viewing
  Symposium 11: Neuroanaesthesia Moderator: Nahemah Hasanaly Symposium 12: Geriatric Anaesthesia Moderator: Nazhan Afeef Mohd Ariff@Ghazali
1600-1625 Lecture 11.1:
Advanced intracranial monitoring and their role in traumatic brain injury
Benn Lancman     Lecture 12.1:
Perioperative management of patients with dementia
Geraldine Jose
1625-1650 Lecture 11.2:
The use of processed electroencephalography: beyond awareness
Kwek Tong Kiat Lecture 12.2:
Parkinson’s disease and anaesthesia
Yeap Boon Tat
1650-1700 Q&A   Q&A  
1700 Adjourn      

DISCLAIMER: The Organising Committee may, in its discretion, amend any part of the programme without prior notice.